In 1990, Christine established Britika Fine Arts, named for her daughters Britt and Erika. Christine has participated in numerous art fairs in the San Diego area including the Art Festival in the Village of La Jolla. Her artworks have been sold to clients across the United States.

Her artwork and prose titled Cherry Blossom Trees was incorporated into the website for the University of Washington Alumni Association’s Cherry Blossom Tree Project, from April of 2004 to 2009.

Christine has completed a dialogue titled LIGHT BEAMS AND RAINBOWS inspired by Walter Isaacson’s book titled Einstein His Life and His Universe. This exciting and sometimes tension filled dialogue involves an artist/writer and Einstein traveling on two light beams in space. LIGHT BEAMS AND RAINBOWS, Christine Marie Stenstrom, Author, Certificate of Registration, Copyright Office, issued May 17, 2012, for Unpublished completed work. LIGHT BEAMS AND RAINBOWS, registered January 16, 2013, WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST SCRIPT REGISTRATION.

Christine has completed her manuscript in March, 2016. Copyright © 2008, 2016. All Rights Reserved. This is a historical fiction novel that takes place during one of the most explosive and extraordinary times in human history -- the mid-Roman Empire during the period of the First Century A.D.. The narrative takes place in Jerusalem, Corinth, Pompeii, and Asia Minor. It is at this time in Pompeii that Mt. Vesuvius erupts in 79. A.D..

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